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Your Most Powerful Instinct


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Humans have a dreaming instinct.

Way back in the day, those that laid awake at night dreaming about big things were the most successful.

Everything that we have was once an idea.

Not an idea that somebody happened to stumble upon.

But an idea that DROVE its inventor nearly insane with desire until he or she finally created it.

This is a unique human characteristic.

Monkeys crave bananas.

Dolphins crave fish.

But humans crave MORE.

We want MORE than we have.

This is not a bug.

This is a FEATURE.

When we humans allow this never ending desire for MORE drive our actions, we are capable of amazing things.

But only if we PURSUE those things.

Not just for a couple days.

Not only when it's convenient.

But ceaselessly.

This is the PERSPIRATION they talk about when they say genius is 1% INSPIRATION and 99% PERSPIRATION.

The one percent exists as an idea in your brain.

The 99% exists as your ceaseless behavior, sometimes for YEARS to turn that thought into a thing.

One thing that will DESTROY your gift of dreaming and creating is any belief that it SHOULD be easy.

Or it SHOULD be anything other than what it is.

This is what separates the great humans from the rest of the lazy goofs.

Most of wish it different.

We say things SHOULD be different.

Those other people SHOULDN'T be doing that.

The inventors, the creators, the geniuses use their lives not to wish, but to TRANSFORM.

They won't wait around for others to make it easy.

They won't wait for permission.

They don't wait for a guarantee.

They won't wait for others to go first, to prove it's safe.

They are DRIVEN by the ideas in their brain.

Once upon time, there was nothing on Earth but a bunch of primitive humans and some dirt.

Now look at all the stuff we have.

All of the stuff was once and in the mind of its creator.

A potential we all have.

A potential YOU have.

But that potential doesn't drive itself.

The PURPOSE of your ideas is to DRIVE YOU.

To turn those ideas into things.

Things that will get you paid.

Things that will get you the massive social recognition you were put here for.

If you're waiting for a step by step plan, or a guarantee, or somebody to hold your hand and show you how it's done, you'll be waiting a while.

The choice is yours.

Master your mind-body system, and build your empire.

Learn How:


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