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One of the most difficult problems is not recognizing our problems.

If we have a problem, and can figure out what that problem is, we can fix it.

This isn't a good feeling, but when you do figure out what's causing issues, you can put it behind you.

If your car is broken, and you aren't sure why, half the issue is finding the issue.

Once they find the issue, they can fix it.

But we start talking about humans it's much more difficult.

Even medical issues can be difficult to detect.

Psychological problems much worse.

It's common in psychology to have something called a "presenting problem."

This is the problem that patients THINK is the issue.

But the real issue is usually much deeper.

Kind of like when couples argue over seemingly trivial things.

The issue is really deeper.

When we have problems ourselves, it's nearly impossible to figure out the problem on our own, from inside our own brains.

The problem is we only see SYMTPOMS of the issue.

Usually when we want something, and can't get it.

Because these are symptoms, it's very hard to "guess" what the real issue is.

Even when seeing a therapist, somebody who has plenty of experience talking to people with problems, it can take a while to get to the issue.

So the idea of understanding our own problems from inside our own heads, AND fixing them is very, very difficult.

Luckily, there IS a shortcut.

It comes understanding how we EXTERNALIZE our problems.

We have a problem with ourselves, but we are TERRIFIED of finding it.

At least part of us.

So we immediately point out those OUTSIDE of us who have REMIND us of us.

This is so we look OUTSIDE of ourselves whenever we are reminded of the problem.

The trick is to see this as a SYMPTOM of a problem with ourselves.

We don't need to address the problem, just accept it.

Accept it by recognizing that the REASON people rub us the wrong way is they remind us of US.

Particularly the things about ourselves we are most terrified to feel.

There's a technique called "Shadow Energy."

That allows you to accept those parts, without really having to deal with them consciously.

It takes some courage, but slowly but surely, you can REMOVE all those things outside of you that bother you so much.

Freeing up TONS of mental and emotional energy for more productive work.

Learn How:


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