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Self Sabotage and Self Deception


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There are, have always been, and always will be "hacks."

Ways to shortcut any type of system.

You might even say trying to find "hacks" is a driving evolutionary force.

Metaphorically, every advantage a new species gets is a kind of environmental hack.

To get a leg up against the competition.

One interesting theory uses this to explain why humans have such a high capacity of self-deception.

Once upon a time, we were fairly simple creatures.

We spent our lives living around everybody we knew.

Nobody ever met a stranger.

So the idea of lying to get any benefit didn't make sense.

Then the population started getting bigger and bigger.

And people started to run into strangers.

The first "hack" was to lie and get a benefit.

Those had the "liar instinct" did better than those that didn't.

This makes sense, as plenty of animals survive by deception.

But then a few people developed a defense against liars.

Then THESE people had the upper hand.

For a while.

But then the liars got MORE effective at lying.

Because when the lied the old way, there were not congruent.

So the lie detectors could tell they were lying.

But then the new liars figured out how to lie congruently.

By FIRST lying to themselves.

And these folks were the MOST effective.

To have a subconscious intention AND a conscious intention.

Maybe this is true, maybe it's not.

But nature does tend to use whatever works.

The problem with ideas like this is we are all pretty much brainwashed into thinking that things are they way certain people think they SHOULD be.

Lying is bad.

People SHOULDN'T lie.

Therefore, in our past, nobody ever DID lie.

At least not enough to make an evolutionary difference.

Maybe the people in charge are worried that if they DID admit that lying provided an evolutionary benefit, we would ALL start to lie.

And that wouldn't be acceptable.

Because only the people in charge are allowed to lie!

Perhaps we humans also have a "do as I say, not as I do" instinct.

Since that seems to be a pretty common way of ruling.

Ever since the dawn of time, there seems to always been TWO sets of rules.

One for the dudes in charge.

One for everybody else.

It's common to get ANGRY at the way things are.

At all the corruption.

That only creates frustration.

It might be a better strategy to understand HOW the human mind works.

Since all this corruption is a function of the human brain.

Once you understand how the mind works, then you can get in the game and get some.

Learn How:


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