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A lot of our instincts work within "logical" structures.

For example, if you were ALWAYS hungry, you wouldn't get much done.

So we've been programmed to have a two step hunger instinct.

This means we can "forget" about being hungry for a little bit.

So we can get stuff done.

But as soon as we are in the presence of food, it's as if a switch goes on.

This is why we can get so busy, we forget to eat. 

But then we look at the clock, and realize it's past lunch.

And we are suddenly very hungry.

It's also why it's hard to STOP eating once you start.

Nobody can eat one chip, or one spoonful of ice cream.

Hunger is the easiest instinct to think about, since EVERYTHING about it is obvious.

It's obvious when WE don't as much as we should.

It's obvious when WE eat more than we should.

We can also see these two scenarios in others.

But many other instincts work the same way.

The are kind on the back burner.

Until they "see" an opportunity to express themselves.

And since many of our instincts affect how we THINK, and not our physical bodies, it's hard to see extremes.

Anybody who goes to extremes with regards to the hunger instinct will be obvious.

One way or the other.

There is NO question WHAT is going on.

But our other instincts, it's very hard to see them.

Both from inside our brains.

And how other people express them.

One of these is how we deal with any INCREASE in social status.

It turns out that REAL increases in social status is JUST LIKE hunger.

We don't really think we want some.

But then we start to GET some, and we can go nuts.

Kind of like eating, at during the first half of a bag of chips.

The more we EAT, the more we want.

But HUNGER has physical limits.

Because it's based on physical STUFF.

Both our bodies, and the stuff we put INSIDE our bodies.

But the social status instinct has NO such limits.

The more we GET the more we want.

For most of us, this doesn't cause too many problems.

But for those with power, it can cause HUGE problems.

This is why power is very DANGEROUS when it is un-tethered.

What does this mean?

A boss of an office will ONLY have "power" so long as he helps the company.

But once it becomes decoupled, people will do ANYTHING to get more power.

Including telling people what they WANT to hear.

Even if that message causes those people pain in the long run.

For this reason, understanding ALL our instincts, and how they work, can keep you from getting burned.

And help you figure out which people have become POWER HUNGRY.

Learn More:


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