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One my favorite movies as a kid was the Bad News Bears.

A bunch of misfit kids with a drunken coach.

There were a bunch of sequels, and a remake, but nothing was as good as the original.

One of the kids put Vaseline on the baseball when she pitched.

She put it under her hat.

So she'd touch her hat, and then rub it on the ball.

Because the ball spins when they throw it, any secret stuff or scuff marks they can put on the ball will make it much harder to hit.

Whenever you see a catcher hand the ball to the umpire to take a look, that's why.

Any unnatural scuff mark on the ball can be used by the pitcher for a HUGE advantage.

If the ball is OK, meaning it doesn't have any scuff marks, the ump will hand it back to the catcher.

But even in the major leagues, pro pitchers will still cheat occasionally if they think they can get away with it.

Once several years ago, a pitcher had a tiny piece of sandpaper in his back pocket.

When he'd hold the ball behind his back, he would secretly scuff it up.

He got caught, fined and ejected.

A few days later, he went on TV, and jokingly came walking out with a HUGE electric sander hanging from his belt.

In sports, any advantage one can get, one generally takes.

In plenty of martial arts movies, and even movies NOT based on martial arts but with a martial arts fight scene, they do this.

The most common "movie cheat" during a martial arts throw down is to toss dirt in the other guy's eyes.

Sun Tzu wrote a book called the "Art of War."

Tons of useful military strategies.

Many based on deception.

Attacking one side of a castle until all the soldiers are on that side.

Then you attack the other side.

Appear weak, to get close to your enemy, and then kill him.

Otherwise known as "become a pig to eat the tiger."

Another one is "know your enemy like yourself, one thousand battles, one thousand victories."

This is very true today.

In business, in relationships and everywhere in between.

Most people CANNOT apply this.

Because in order to know your enemy LIKE yourself, you've got to KNOW yourself.

Most people don't know themselves, let alone their enemy.

But knowing BOTH is pretty easy.

Do this and you'll have a HUGE advantage.


Learn How:


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