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The Cookie Cutter Myth


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Most people like the idea of being told what to do.

Plenty of self development courses are built around this idea.

"Watch over my shoulder as I make millions," kind of thing.

Step by step blueprints.

But simple economics tells us this is impossible.

Simple economics and a little bit of thought.

Imagine some "guru" DID manage to discover the "secret" to success.

And he packed seminar room after seminar room.

And told all the attendees the step by step "blueprint" for success.

That would work IF they all defined success as building a birdhouse.

Or making a cake.

Or doing anything that could be done by following a recipe.

If EVERYBODY is doing the same thing, and getting the same result, then there will be a LOT of those "results" out there.

Which means they won't be worth much.

A lot of young adults today are in DEEP trouble.

They borrowed a ton of money, to go to college and be told "exactly" what to do.

Now all they have is a much of debt.

And not many marketable skills.

The reason we LOVE the idea of being told EXACTLY what to do is it absolves us of responsibility.

We don't need to take any risks.

If we do EXACTLY what we are told, and it doesn't work, it's not our fault.

If you CAN manage to find a way to be TOLD what to do, AND it happens to pay the bills, this is a dream come true.

You get ALL the benefits, and NONE of the risks.

If you wanted to stay in the middle of the pack this MAY be possible.

If you want an average life, an average relationship, and a bunch of average memories up in your brain, that MAY be possible.

Safe, but not a lot of fun.

Not very exciting.

Worse, is you would NEVER have the ability to dream.

It's one thing to DREAM about finding a winning lottery ticket.

This is pure fantasy.

Even thinking of winning the lottery by buying a ticket is nearly pure fantasy.

The odds are more than ten million to one.

Dreaming based on your ACTIONS is much more realistic.

Much more compelling.

When you look BACK over the last few years, and then EXTRAPOLATE what MIGHT come in the future, this is where the human spirit lives.

When your dreams are TETHERED to your actions and your history.

Any goof can imagine finding magic riches.

But few people can dream of slowly CREATING riches.

Which one are you?

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