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Undo Public Speaking Fear


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Understanding Modern Frustrations

Once I was in elementary school.

And I had a crush on my second grade teacher.

She gave us this math "test."

More like a puzzle.

She said we had to race to see who could finish first.

I'm pretty sure I finished before everybody else.

I thought it was easy.

When I was done, I looked around, everybody else was still struggling.

But I was too terrified to say anything.

I was a shy kid.

Then some OTHER kid stood up.

The teacher gave HIM a whole bunch of public praise.

For being so smart.

Even though I'd finished before him.

I KNEW what had happened.

That I shot myself in the foot, so to speak.

To terrified to stand up and IDENTIFY myself as being SEPARATE from everybody else.

This is very closely related to the common fear of public speaking.

ANYBODY can speak publicly in the right situation.

But in these situations, we don't really think of it as "public speaking."

Telling jokes when friends are around.

But purposely SEPARATING ourselves from a group of STRANGERS is pretty scary.

Especially when all those STRANGERS are staring at us.

Many things in modern life are both easy yet maddening.

We do fantastic things, but nobody notices.

Other people do utterly EASY things, and everybody treats them like they are some kind of super hero.

This kind of thing is rampant in the self help industry.

Especially the kind where the super successful person becomes the super successful guru.

"I have a super successful life. Copy what I did and you can be successful, too!"

Only it doesn't quite work out for most people.

Part of the reason that MOST of our behavior are not anywhere NEAR 100% conscious.

So no matter WHAT we do, we don't really know HOW or WHY we did what we did.

This is the problem when successful people try and teacher others how to become successful.

Chances are they aren't really sure HOW they became successful.

Even walking down the street, most of the INPUTS to our senses go straight PAST our conscious minds.

This is widely understood phenomenon.

But it generally only leads to interesting metaphysical understandings.

Not any USEFUL strategies.

To get useful strategies, you need to understand the human mind-body system from an objective, pragmatic standpoint.

Not only will this give you a huge INSIGHT into the most common causes of frustration, but you'll be able to ELIMINATE them.

Learn How:


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