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The Boxing Conversation Metaphor


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Imagine you had a conversation with a boxer.

A guy who was about to have the fight of his career.

Imagine the fight was going to start in a couple of hours.

And suppose you asked his strategy was.

What do you imagine he might say?

I suppose that would depend on the other fighter in this particular metaphor.

And it would depend on the hero of this metaphor.

We can assume the fighting style of the hero.

We can assume the fighting style of the opponent.

This might give us a better imagination how he might answer that question.

But even then it would only be a general strategy.

If you asked him what specific punches he planned on throwing, and in what particular order, he'd look at you funny.

Clearly, that would depend on what the other guy was doing.

Once upon a time there was a guy named Lorenz.

He came up with mind experiment to help predict weather patterns.

A beaker of water, with four variables.

Only four.

But each variable was dependent on the other three.

Change one and you change the other three.

But each time you changed any of the other three, you would then change the OTHER other three.

They found that by changing the starting conditions only slightly, the system would be WAY different only a few minutes out.

This is the foundation of CHAOS THEORY.

Even know they KNOW the starting conditions.

Even know they KNOW the laws of chemistry and physics.

They still CANNOT predict complex systems very far out.

Now imagine two people standing across a room.

Flirting with one another.

Eye contact, smiles, etc.

Open posture.

But the guy never walks over and starts the conversation.

The excuse he gives himself is common.

"I don't know what to say."

But this is also a complete and absolute myth.

That would be like a boxer being afraid to fight because he doesn't know what PUNCHES to throw.

But since the guy in this metaphor is a HUMAN, and has plenty of time speaking to OTHER HUMANS, he knows what to say based on unfolding conditions.

In reality, that excuse, "I don't know what to say," is a self defensive, self deception.

To avoid social exposure.

To avoid rejection.

Two very PAINFUL things.

But that's by looking only at the surface.

Of worrying about what they might say, and then worrying about how you might reply.

When you focus on the deeper instincts, it is MUCH EASIER.

Because the deeper instincts are MUCH easier to lead.

To leverage.

Making all communication and persuasion VERY easy.

Learn How:


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