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When I was a kid, I went through a couple of "Etch-a-Sketch" toys.

These were pretty simple.

There was a screen, and two knobs.

The knobs controlled the X and Y movements of the "pen" under the screen.

The screen was covered with small magnetic particles.

And when you moved the knobs around, you could draw a shape.

Then you'd shake it and it would clear.

Normally, these things would last a while.

As they were pretty simple.

But not for a goof like me.

I was always taking stuff apart to see how they worked.

Some toys were the opposite.

From a magnetic perspective.

You had a bunch of magnetic particles that were on the inside.

And by using a special magnetic pen, you could "pull up" the particles so they'd stick to the pen.

Magnets are pretty cool.

Once they figured out how magnetism works, especially the interaction between the magnetic and electric fields, that allowed them to "produce" electricity.

With a strong enough magnet (that you can buy on Amazon) you can bypass key card locks.

You can even open up most hotel safes.

This is one of the things that is possible when you understand exactly HOW stuff works.

Of course, the magnets that can bypass key card locks and open up hotel safes are REALLY heavy.

Like 20-30 pounds.

So it's not quite as "easy" as it looks.

But it makes for great marketing.

For companies that sell very hard to break-into-safes.

There are plenty of ways you can skirt normal ways of doing things.

Some are clearly illegal and immoral.

Like using magnets to break into hotel rooms and open up safes.

But some are perfectly normal.

Perfectly legal.

And not only are they perfectly moral, but people will feel GOOD once you "apply" these hacks.

One of them involves language.

Kind of like the second magnet toy.

Where you use a special pen to "pull up" the magnetic particles to the surface.

When certain language techniques, you can "pull up" certain desires to the surface.

Bring them up, build them up, and then ATTACH them to whatever you want.


Your product.

Your idea.

Your recommendation.


The best part is they won't have any idea what's going on.

They'll just get a sudden desire to do EXACTLY what it is you wanted them do.

And since it will be based on their DEEP desires, they'll own it completely.

Learn How:


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