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Forgotten Bad Guy Pattern


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Like most people, I enjoy watching movies.

I also enjoy TV shows.

And like most, some movies and TV shows I enjoy watching over and over.

But I've noticed that the ones I enjoy watching more than once fall into two different categories.

The first are TV shows that keep my attention, but they plots are pretty complicated.

So when I watch them again, especially after a year or so, I kind of forget what happens at the end.

Many of these are mysteries, and the plot is so convoluted you need to pay close attention.

Frequently I'll watch them again, but forget who the killer is.

But other shows are much different.

That first group, I can really only watch twice.

The first time, then about a year later, long enough to forget what happened, but once more.

But that's it.

Other, rare, shows and movies are ones I can watch many times.

Even when I KNOW everything that is going to happen.

These are very well written.

The characters have a lot of depth.

But more than just clever writing, the characters RESONATE.

I can see myself in them.

I can identify with a lot of the issues these characters are going through.

Every once in a while, a work of fiction will be able to do this for different generations.

This is when they start to be called "classics."

Because they resonate with true human NATURE.

The kind that doesn't change from generation to generation.

Cultures, fashion, interests change.

But deep nature does not.

It's easy to forget this.

To get lost in fads and trends and memes.

But deep beneath all of this, human nature is the SAME as it has been for thousands of years.

Tens of thousands of years.

Which means if you understand this nature, you will understand people.

Even people you don't know.

Even people from different cultures and different languages.

This idea isn't very popular.

It's popular to believe that all people are unique in their own special way.

But the science says otherwise.

Linguistics says otherwise.

Jungian psychology says otherwise.

Mythology says otherwise.

Anthropology says otherwise.

Underneath our complex conscious thought patterns lies a very simple animal.

Understand THIS and you can do magic.

Speak to THIS and you can move people.

Leverage THIS and you can get people to do anything you want.

Learn How:


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