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Some of the easiest advice is the hardest to apply.

A very common, universally known idea in storytelling is to "show, don't tell."

Yet watch plenty of huge budget movies, with A-list stars, and they can't seem to follow this simple advice.

Many movies start off with characters TELLING very critical backstory information.

It's like the writers KNOW that information is critical, but they want to get it out of the way.

Most action movies are like this.

Zero character development.

About 20-30 minutes of SETUP, and then a whole slew of action scenes.

On the other hand, there are plenty of LONG slow, evolving dramas on streaming services.

One of the best shows ever IS one of the best shows ever BECAUSE it was one long character arc.

Breaking Bad is a very slow CHANGE in character from an under-achieving science teacher to an EVIL GENIUS.

Nothing was TOLD to the viewer.

The shifts in character were SHOWN, very slowly, over five seasons.

We love this because we get a real feeling of discovery.

Whenever we DISCOVER something, it feels very much like OUR OWN interpretation.

But despite how OBVIOUS this is, it's very hard for us to DO.

We LOVE to TELL other people what's what.

We love the idea of telling people OUR IDEAS and having OUR IDEAS somehow magically create the behaviors we want.

Nearly all sales people are trained like this.

To BLAST the customer with a whole bunch of reasons why the SALESPERSON thinks the customer should buy the product.

Whenever we want to alter the behavior other people, we put things in THEIR perspective.

Not ours.

This is HARD to do.

We believe OUR IDEAS are so AWESOME, that if they only hear them, they'll do whatever we want.

But if you can manage to turn off your ideas, for just a few minutes, you can get pretty much anybody to do anything.

By targeting two levels.

One is the things they want, need, and desire as individuals.

Two is their deeper instincts.

When you can align these two, they will be BEGGING to obey you.

So long as you can tell a story.

A story in which they'll DISCOVER their own interpretation.

Once they do, they will OWN the decision.

The decision they found.

The same one you HID there just for them to find.

Like a magic Easter egg.

Learn How:


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