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Highway and Movie Hypnosis


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When I was in boy scouts, I got a lot merit badges.

Some were pretty boring.

Mostly stuff you had to study, like school.

The exciting ones were hands on.

Like archery, or marksmanship.

My favorite was orienteering.

Where you had to demonstrate proficiency with a compass.

My friend and I got it together.

We had to follow this course out in the desert.

Going from point to point.

It took few hours, and you had to be precise.

Walk so many paces in the specific direction.

Without maps, humans would be pretty messed up.

Location is very important.

Directions are very important.

So important that we store location information in a different part of our brain.

This is why highway hypnosis is so "trance like."

Compared to movie hypnosis, where you are using both brains.

Conscious and subconscious.

A very pleasant, relaxed state of focus.

This is more like typical hypnosis.

But highway hypnosis is in a class all by itself.

Since once you've got the directions down, you're literally not using your conscious mind.

This makes sense, from an evolutionary point of view.

Ever since humans climbed out of the trees and started nomadically wandering around, location was VERY important.

Since we'd go out hunting and gathering each day.

We'd have to remember how to get home.

Chances are we developed the ability to get back home BEFORE we developed much of our conscious awareness.

Kind of like a homing instinct.

Instincts operate very much outside of our conscious awareness.

You don't need to remember to get hungry or sleepy or thirsty.

You don't need to use ANY of your brainpower to decide if you want to be attracted to a certain person.

Movie hypnosis is compelling because most movies FEED our instincts.

The story FEELS very familiar.

Movies are kind of like music.

In music, the melody and lyrics are what our CONSCIOUS brains pay attention to.

The chord progression is what feels familiar.

In movies, the plot, characters etc., that's the stuff we pay attention to.

But the movie "chord progression" is what puts us in a deep trance.

And moves our emotions.

If you learn to speak in "movie hypnosis" you can easily move the emotions of anybody.

In any direction.

For any purpose.

Learn How:


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