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Shakespeare and the Vikings


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One of the biggest problems of modern society our attention span.

Some studies put our attention span the same as a goldfish.

Not sure how accurate that is, but there is a LOT of data suggestion we are getting dumber, lazier and far less capable.

For example, if you look at the grade level of presidential state of the union speeches since WWII (75 years ago), they have been slowly getting worse and worse.

In the 50s a typical presidential speech was at the twelfth grade level.

Today it's much lower.

And it's been STEADILY declining.

Another thing that has been getting worse and worse is our ability to DELAY gratification.

This makes total sense.

Imagine living a 100 years ago.

No TV, very scarce radio.

Everything you COULD know about world had to be READ and understood.

Naturally, people back then were MUCH more informed.

Today, if something is more than a couple hundred words, our eyes glaze over and our minds start to drift.

This is both terrible and fantastic, depending who you are.

If you are somebody who can't focus for very long, then it sucks.

But if you CAN still think relatively strongly and have a decent level of intelligence, this gives you a HUGE advantage.

Because despite how seemingly lazy and stupid most of us have become, deep down inside we are the SAME humans we've been for thousands of years.

Before they invented the printing press, people had to REMEMBER a ton of stuff.

The only people nowadays who even come close to utilizing their total brain power are career stage actors.

People who have memorized DOZENS or even HUNDREDS of plays.

The guys who have to get up in front of tons of people and REMEMBER a short story worth of words.

Not just the basic idea, but the EXACT words in the EXACT order.

And not the stuff that's on TV.

Well written stuff.

Like Shakespeare.

Even better, they've got to say them CONGRUENTLY.

This means they've got to remember them intellectually and emotionally.

Ancient storytellers did the same thing.

Viking storytellers were capable of telling ancient Norse sagas, some that went on for HOURS.

All from memory.

This is the POTENTIAL of the human mind.

A potential that most people would be TERRIFIED to even think about.

Even if you only scrape the surface of what's possible, you can be a shining star surrounded by dullards DESPERATE for somebody to tell them what to do.

Desperate for somebody to capture and lead their attentions, imaginations, and emotions.

Learn How:


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