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Humans are very attached to the idea of free will.

A common metaphor that describes the relationship between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind is of a captain and a ship.

The unconscious mind is the powerful ship.

The conscious mind is the captain who steers the ship.

The problem with many beliefs is they are very much like food.

We don't eat food because it is healthy.

We eat food because it tastes good.

To the extent you DO eat food because it's healthy, it's not automatic.

And it's not easy.

Beliefs are the same.

We don't believe things because they are true.

We believe things that make us feel good.

Truth can be a very dangerous thing.

Ignorance, on the other hand, is bliss.

Take the captain and the ship metaphor.

We love the idea that "we" up in our brain has free will.

That "we" can steer our ship wherever we want.

But think of the things we'd do if that were true.

Using our free will to CHOOSE to study would be easy.

So easy we'd spend all our time studying and learning and getting smarter and smarter.

We'd our free will to exercise instead of sleep in.

Which means we'd all have super fit bodies.

We'd use our free will to DECIDE to walk across the room and talk to interesting people.

So we'd be healthy, smart, and have plenty of healthy, happy relationships with smart, healthy people.

But we don't.

So the idea of free will CAN'T be true.

But even in the face of EVIDENCE it's hard to accept that.

So we deceive ourselves.

We tell ourselves we don't WANT all those things.

But if there was a magic pill, that had zero side effects, was permanent, and gave us ALL those things (intelligence, health, massive confidence) and it only cost a dollar, EVERYBODY would take it.

So we DO want those things, it's just that we aren't willing to pay the costs.

It's much easier to follow our INSTINCTS.

Instincts that make us want to play it safe, sleep late, and only eat food that tastes good and believe things that make us feel good.

This, actually, is FANTASTIC news.

Because when you want to PERSUADE somebody, all you need to do is leverage these INSTINCTS.

Most people try and leverage the CONSCIOUS reasons we tell ourselves WHY we do the things we do.

But as an advanced persuader, you know better.

Once you learn about the basic human instincts that drive ALL human behaviors, persuading people is EASY.

Learn How:


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