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The Most Powerful Instinct


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I was listening to this "pundit" the other day.

He was talking about the "ideal" way to express your skills, or live a good life, or whatever "pundits" like to talk about.

He said the ideal situation is where you have a set of skills that you ENJOY doing, that there is a market for, that will earn you some money AND will allow you to "do good."

The first three are perfect.

In fact, you really only need the first two.

Skills that you enjoy doing and will make you money.

The only caveat is that money is VOLUNTARILY being given to you.

If you were a highly skilled bank robber, and enjoyed robbing banks, then that wouldn't really qualify.

People sometimes feel a need to add on a "do good for society" whenever they talk about making money.

As if there is something inherently WRONG with ONLY wanting to make money.

That unless you are ALSO taking time to "do good" (whatever that means) then ONLY making money isn't enough.

But when you do something and somebody VOLUNTARILY gives you money in exchange, that IS good.

Imagine that you and a friend decided to trade $20 bills.

Just for fun.

How would that feel?

Pretty silly.

Now imagine trading a $20 for $21.

That would feel better.

That's why people LIKE to buy things.

We WANT the thing we are getting MORE than the money we are paying.

If you run the BEST bread shop in town, and people LOVE to come and buy your bread, then you ARE doing good.

Selling bread that people enjoy buying IS doing good.

You have a skill that you ENJOY.

Baking the best bread around.

That skill is getting you PAID.

So long as that money is coming from happy people who EAGERLY hand over the cash in exchange for the bread, there's NOTHING ELSE you need for a happy life.

At least from a making money, career, financial stability standpoint.

And in a few happy relationships, and Bob's your uncle.

This idea rests on top of ANCIENT instincts.

Instincts that drove people to act selfishly.

Not an evil selfish.

But a very ancient and very MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL selfish.

The mutually beneficial selfishness that makes bees and flowers team up.

And dogs and humans.

And humans and humans.

The SAME mutually beneficial selfishness that makes people WANT to develop skills to sell things to people who EAGERLY pay them.

This is a very DEEP and very ANCIENT human desire.

Everybody has it.

Everybody WANTS to express.

Learn to leverage it, and you can motivate people to do anything.

Learn How:


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