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Leverage Their Hungriest Instinct


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One of the biggest problems in modern society is social approval.

In ancient human societies, social approval was essentially the currency.

Today, the currency is money. 


You work, applying your unique set of skills.

They pay you money, and you take that money and buy whatever you want.

But in ancient times, BEFORE money was invented, the "currency" was social status.

This allowed ancient societies to THRIVE based on selfish behaviors.

Any society that DEPENDENDED on non-selfish behavior wouldn't have lasted long.

How was did selfish behavior work?

Every day, dudes went out hunting.

They wanted to get the BIGGEST kill possible.

Not because it was the right thing to do.

Not because it was what other people THOUGHT they should do.

Not because they were worried about being a positive role model.

Because whoever came back with the BIGGEST kill got treated like a ROCK STAR.

Including a ton of sex.

This INSTINCT made EVERYBODY want to kill the biggest animal possible.

Tribes filled with these types of people, with that type of instinct, ALWAYS had enough to eat.

The more any ancient hunter CONSISTENLY brought back big kills, the more social status he had.

The more social status he had, the better life he had.

But his social status, his ROCK STAR status, was directly connected to his productivity.

How many calories he acquired.

This was a perfectly calibrated system.

Today, it's pretty messed up.

We WANT social status, and we very much like the IDEA of getting social status, but it can easily BACKFIRE.

Because nearly all socials status today is NOT connected to real productivity.

You can buy a bunch of bling on your credit card, go way into debt and still kind FAKE IT.

This is the whole idea of "keeping up with the Jones'."

The underlying concept beneath the famous saying:

"We buy things we can't afford to impress people we don't like."

Because EVERYBODY is competing with each other to get FAKE social status.

But guess what?

That ancient instinct still lives inside everybody.

That's why we LOVE hero's journey movies.

Where hero's go out, kill the bad guy, and get ROCK STAR treatment.

This is EXACTLY what our instincts CRAVE.

Which means this is a very useful instinct to leverage.

Take any idea, and wrap it around this ancient instinct, and people will be BEGGING to do what you want.

All without knowing what's going on.

This can make you more persuasive then ever.

Learn How:


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