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The most common persuasion strategy is the features and benefits strategy.

When in actual sales, the salesperson is taught to memorize a huge list of features and benefits.

Then they rattle them off to any customer that walks in the door.

The idea is that if they hit enough of the customer's hot buttons, the customer will have enough buying desire.

On TV shows and movies, effective salespeople do this with plenty of charisma.

The customer just needs to stand there and be mesmerized by the beautiful metaphors the salesperson comes up with.

Even if non-sales persuasion, this is the common, go-to technique for most people.

The persuader tries to convince the target why the target should do want the persuader wants.

Based on the ideas that exist in the persuader's brain.

To the extent that there is a natural OVERLAP between the persuader's brain and the target's, this will work.

But there often isn't.

This is AS FAR as most persuaders go in their thinking.

Of trying to find some kind of MAGIC WORDS to MAKE the target do what the persuader wants.

Sales, persuasion and seduction.

A much more enlightened approach is to find out the kinds of things the target likes or wants.

In sales, this is called eliciting the criteria.

First you find out EVERYTHING you can about the target's desires.

THEN you take those desires that came from THEIR BRAIN and try and show htem how YOUR idea will satisfy THEIR desires.

This works better than the features and benefits approach.

It's not nearly as confrontational.

But it's also still pretty limited.


Because it requires that the target KNOW what they want.

AND it requires the conversation ALLOW for such questions.

Many times it doesn't.

Especially when overt persuasion isn't appropriate.

For example, suppose you wanted to give somebody some advice.

Somebody you knew.

Somebody that you KNEW would benefit from the advice.

But they CAN'T see it from their perspective.

It's VERY HARD to elicit criteria under this scenario.

At least CONSCIOUS criteria.

We humans have tons of UNCONSCIOUS criteria.

An infinite amount, essentially.

At least as long as we are thinking and breathing.

If you can leverage THIS unconscious criteria, ALL persuasion is MUCH easier.

Luckily, this deep criteria, is very similar from person to person.

Which means once you figure it out, the SAME strategies will work on plenty of people.

For whatever reasons you want.

Learn How:


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