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One very common metaphor when it comes to sales is to "sell the sizzle, not the steak."

What does this mean?

To appeal to people's emotions, rather than their logic.

If you sell the steak, you can talk about where it came from.

The kind of beef.

How it was raised, what it was fed, etc.

But when you sell the SIZZLE you sell how the product will be interpreted by the senses.

That's because we humans are not nearly as logical as we'd like to believe.

Sure, you may do some research on a product.

Read consumer reports to find out the specifics.

But most of our decisions are emotional.

Even huge decisions like where to go to college.

That's why kids like to go and take a tour of college campuses.

Even when buying important things like houses, our emotions play major part.

Advertisers know that many of our decisions are based on social proof and authority.

This is why McDonalds has always listed the billions of burgers they've sold.

This is why famous actors use their VOICE to sell cars.

These authority and social proof based decisions are made BENEATH conscious awareness.

Even when we are deciding what to wear, we quickly and subconsciously imagine how our social peers might respond.

How those we would LIKE to be our social peers would respond.

One thing that is also very powerful, in addition to social proof and authority, is the HALO effect.

Attractive people sell things and are more persuasive than non attractive people.

Study after study demonstrates this.

Does this mean if you are NOT attractive, you can't be persuasive?

Does this mean if you DON'T have authority, you can't be persuasive?

Does this mean if your idea DOESN'T have social proof, you can be persuasive?

Not at all.

The reason advertisers LOVE these three very powerful factors is they are SET and FORGET.

They create a script or an ad campaign, fill it with persuasive tech, hire a hot model and set it loose.

Once it's created, it just runs on auto pilot.

Interpersonal persuasion is actually MUCH EASIER.

Because there is one trigger that is much more powerful than authority, social proof and the halo effect.

If you can leverage this much more powerful instinct, you'll be more persuasive than any authority, social proof, or even a sexy halo effect.

Hit this ONE instinct, and you'll easily be able to get anybody to do anything.

Learn How:


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