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The Princess and the Wizard


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One powerful way to use covert hypnosis is as a delivery mechanism.

It's often thought that hypnosis requires a lot of advanced language patterns, memorization and a lot of ability to ready body language.

It can, but only if the idea you are trying to present to your target is complex.

This usually happens in therapy situations.

Where the client WANTS to do something, but they can't.

Like quick drinking, or become more assertive, or lose weight.

When we humans WANT to do or not do something, but we don't know how, the reasons are usually very complex.

So naturally, the language required to unpack and dismantle those deep reasons will be equally complex.

But for most normal people, getting them to DO something is pretty easy.

So long as the THING you are getting them to do is not dangerous, life threatening, or will cause any emotional or social damage.

Much better if you have a strong idea that they'll ENJOY doing that thing.

To do this, it's pretty easy.

First, take the thing you WANT them to do.

Next, connect it to a UNIVERSAL HUMAN DESIRE.

The things we ALL want.

A good "go to" human desire is increased social status.

Not FAKE social status, but real social status.

The kind that gets them genuine social validation and appreciation.

Then you can DELIVER this simple, "linguistic equation" inside of a hypnotic delivery system.

Language that is both compelling and vague.

Vague so they aren't exactly sure WHAT is going on.

But with enough compelling CONTENT mixed, they'll be INTERESTED.

A good way to introduce vagueness is with something called a "lack of referential index."

This is when you introduce a couple of PROPER nouns, and then use a whole bunch of pronouns.


The other day I went to the library with my friend and his sister, who is really hot. 

We asked the librarian, also really cute, for some fantasy books since she is entering a gaming competition and wants to brush up on her fantasy language skills.

She picked up a book about a princess and a wizard, and started to read it out loud.

He looked at her and said that if you practice the deep language of instinctive persuasion, you can get anybody to do anything.

And once you have the ability to get anybody to do anything, people will admire and respect you, for all the reasons you want.

Which will help YOU to help them get those things they desperately need, but are too uncertain to get themselves.

Making you even more of a natural leader.

Learn How:


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