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One common complaint about modern society is the idea of consumerism.

That there is something wrong with buying stuff, only to want to buy more stuff later.

A famous quote describes this as follows:

"We buy things we can't afford to impress people we don't like."

But if you look at the underlying REASONS beneath those very common behaviors, you'll find some truth.

First, let's look at the buying part.

Humans are consumers.

We MUST be, or else we'll die.

We need to keep eating. 

And for the bulk of our history, we had to get food ANY WAY possible.

One of those ways was to forage.

This is something that no modern human has experienced.

Not like our ancestors did.

Imagine ALWAYS being hungry.

And NEVER knowing WHERE or WHEN you would find food.

What is foraging, exactly?

Always looking and collecting ANYTHING that looks good.

You keep looking, you keep eating, you keep collecting.

This INSTINCT was perfect in an ancient environment.

This ancient instinct translated into modern times creates a never ending desire to BUY STUFF.

We might call this the "shopping mall" instinct.

What about the part about impressing people we don't like?

Another instinct that worked PERFECTLY back in the day, but pretty much SUCKS now.

Back in the day, we lived with the same people our entire lives.

We DEPENDED on them, and they DEPENDED on us.

So when we brought back a big bag of STUFF that we'd gotten from foraging, it VERY MUCH impressed them.

Whoever brought back the MOST stuff, the BEST stuff, got the MOST social validation.

This is a VERY POWERFUL social instinct.

Think of it this way.

A cave guy or gal out foraging ONLY for themselves of their family wouldn't be motivated to get very much stuff.

But that same guy or gal driven by an instinct to want to IMPRESS people would be driven to get more stuff.

And since this stuff was NECESSARY stuff that helped the tribe survive, this was a VERY POWERFUL instinct.

A very USEFUL instinct.

To go out, get stuff, and impress people with your stuff.

Today, that translates into the famous quote.

Underneath ALL modern messed up behaviors are very powerful instincts.

Instincts that CANNOT be turned off.

No more than you can NOT get hungry.

This means if you take the time to learn WHAT these instincts are, this will give you an incredible amount of power.

Powers of influence over others.

Speak to these deep instincts, and you can get people to do ANYTHING.

Learn How:


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