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A long time ago, George Carlin had a routine about the seven things you can't say on TV.

From a purely legal perspective, and even a linguistic perspective, it would seem that these words are purely arbitrary.

How can one short collection of sounds be ILLEGAL to say out loud?

It turns out there is a legitimate, emotional reason.

Maybe not so much any more, since everybody cusses like sailors nowadays.

But way back before internet, before cable TV, people only heard things from their own social circle.

And the people they saw on TV.

And it turns out that when we grow up in a culture that gives certain meanings to certain words, those words cause an UNCONSCIOUS response in the listener.

If you choose friends that use that kind of language, that's one thing.

But to see some goof on TV talking, and suddenly they spew one of the "seven words you can't say on TV," that causes and UNCONSCIOUS, unexpected, and NEGATIVE emotional reaction in the listener.

Kind of like an emotional sucker punch.

This is also one way they test for sociopathic behaviors.

They have somebody read a bunch of sentences.

Normal people, when they come across certain words, have that same, unconscious reaction.

Researchers can tell because it takes a little bit longer for NORMAL people to process these words.

Almost like they are thrown off balance, and need an extra half second to recover.

But not sociopaths.

They breeze right through those words like they mean the same as "puppy dog" or "ice cream."

Some of our responses are conscious.

Some are unconscious.

If you've ever had your reflexes tested at the doctors office, they are testing your unconscious response.

If you are too drunk to drive, your pupils WON'T automatically shrink when the cops shine a light in your eyes.

On some level, we are like automatic robots.

External triggers create internal replies.

On top of all those triggers, we have a bunch of conscious choices.

Most of our conscious choices fall into only a few categories.

If you try and persuade somebody by appealing to their rational mind, you'll only have a little bit of success.

But if you persuade people based on these much deeper, instinctive choices, it will be much more automatic.

Not only will their behaviors be automatic, but if you create the message correctly, they'll thank you.

Giving you an extraordinary amount of power over their behavior.

Learn How:


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