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How To Get People To Own The Decision


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Getting an opponent to commit is a highly regarded skill in sports.

For example, if you are basketball, and you're on offense.

And you pretend you are going one way, so much that the opponent believes you, you can get him to "commit."

Meaning that his momentum is going that direction.

But since your momentum isn't, as you were only pretending, you can shift.

But since he's committed, he can't.

The more effectively you can do this, the better you look.

This is a very common strategy.

Used in sports and war.

It's the basis of the Normandy invasion.

The allies tricked the Germans into thinking they were attacking somewhere else.

Hoping the Germans would commit all their resources in that other place.

It's also a common tactic used in both sales and cons.

If you're in sales, a very useful technique is to flip the script somehow.

So the customer is trying to convince the salesperson to sell him the product.

Sometimes this happens naturally.

When there are more customers than products.

Sometimes that is engineered.

The companies purposely OVER advertise.

Creating HUGE demand.

Only to deliver less products than they KNOW are being demanded.

In con movies, it's somewhat similar.

To trick the mark into really WANTING what the con man wants them to want.

Then the con man pulls back, essentially "conning" the mark into trying to persuade the con artist to let him in on the deal.

All of these techniques involve getting the target to OWN the decision.

Any time you can get anybody to OWN a decision, you don't have much to worry about.

When we don't own the decision, bad things can happen.

Imagine somebody convinces you to do something, and you're ONLY doing it on their recommendation.

Then it doesn't work out.

AND it ended up costing you something.

It's very natural, in this situation, to feel TRICKED.

To feel CONNED.

But when somebody OWNS the decision, even if it doesn't work out, they won't get angry.

Normally, we do this to ourselves.

When we RATIONALIZE after the fact.

It's a very common way to preserve the integrity of our ego.

But you can also engineer this.

By leveraging your targets deep instincts.

So not only will they OWN the decision, but they'll THANK YOU.

Even if it doesn't work out.

What kinds of things can you get people to do?

Whatever you want.

Learn How:


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