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If you were a skilled motivational speaker, you'd make a lot of money.

Why is this?

From a purely economic standpoint, whenever you sell something that is in high demand, you can make a lot of money.

If you opened up the only grilled cheese shop in a town that LOVED grilled cheese, you'd make a lot of money.

On the other hand, if you tried to sell steamed broccoli in a town that HATED vegetables, you'd go broke.

Econ 101, right?

So really good motivational speakers can make MILLIONS giving motivational speeches.

Because there is a HUGE demand for motivational speakers.

But WHY is this?

It would make sense making money selling grilled cheeses, because, theoretically, people could eat a grilled cheese every day.

But could they listen to a motivational speaker every day?

Or once a week?

Sure, but what would that mean?

That mean whatever EFFECT the speaker was having, would be short lived.

Suppose you were a motivational speaker capable of motivating people so that they STAYED motivated for a year.

More like buying a car, instead of grilled cheese.

It would be silly to buy a car every day.

Is this what is happening?

Do people see motivational speakers and then STAY MOTIVATED for a year or so?

Doesn't seem likely.

Otherwise, people would ONLY need to see a motivational speaker ONCE, and then they would be MOTIVATED to make big changes.

Make more money, create better relationships, get in tip top shape.

Is this what is happening?

Maybe there is a necessary ingredient BESIDES simple motivation?

What could that be?

Consider the idea of MOMENTUM instead.

When we think we need motivation, it's usually to do things we are NOT already doing.

Things that we think are difficult.

Otherwise, we'd be doing them.

But what about momentum.

Consider instead of making HUGE changes, to make a very tiny change.

So tiny it's BARELY even considered a change.

Now imagine doing that every day for a month.

Since it's tiny, that would be pretty simple.

And what would you after a month?

A month of MEMORIES up in your brain.

Of DOING THINGS specifically to make life better.

Then make another tiny change.

Pretty soon you'll have two months, and then three, etc.

Keep it up and you'll have a long HISTORY of making slow and tiny changes.

Kind of how like the Grand Canyon was made.

Think the water needed to attend a canyon carving motivational seminar?

Probably not.

It just got busy, and stayed busy.

A little bit every day.

Who knows what will happen.

Get Started:


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