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The interaction between our self-aware minds and our other "selves" can be very confusing.

Especially when you consider all our biases.

Some biases are based on how we perceive the stuff around us.

Since there is so much data hitting our brains, we MUST sort out the noise from the signal.

Some of this stuff is programmed.

Snakes, loud noises, etc.

Some of it is learned.

Our name, any pictures of our favorite food, especially if we are hungry.

We can also adjust these filters consciously.

If you were specifically looking for a friend in a red dress, you'd create a "red dress filter" which would make finding them much easier.

Some of our biases are time dependent.

Like hindsight bias, for example.

We look back into our history, and re-write things.

This is to protect our ego.

Which is a necessary function to help us keep looking forward with as much positive expectation as possible.

Sometimes we are happily caught in a virtuous cycle.

Where everything we find verifies that everything is going well.

This makes us feel pretty good, which makes us act pretty good.

This ACTION creates more things around us, and those things either LITERALLY help us keep feeling good, or we PERCEIVE them as helping us.

Either way, we'll take it.

The opposite can also happen.

We feel like crap.

Everything we see verified that we ARE crap.

This makes us feel even worse, which changes our BEHAVIOR and that behavior has a NEGATIVE impact on our environment.

Since we're always INSIDE our brains, it's hard tell what is REAL and what is being filtered and RE-WRITTEN by our biases.

Even from OUTSIDE things can be chaotic.

LITERALLY chaotic.

There was once a guy named Lorenz.

He came up with a simple system that only had four variables.

This four-variable system had the same kind of behavior.

Certain cycles, that once started, seemed to self-perpetuate.

And these were MATHEMATICALLY impossible to predict.

Mathematicians called this CHAOS THEORY.

But there is a HUGE difference between these two swirling systems.

The mathematical system and YOU.

You can CHANGE your filters at will.

You can CHOOSE to sort for ladies in red dresses.

Or people wearing yellow.

Our brains and filters and biases have TONS of flexibility.

But nobody ever tells us this.

We kind of have to figure it out on our own.

But once you learn how to GAME your own system, you'll gain an incredible amount of power.

It's like drifting on the ocean on a huge ship.

And then suddenly finding out you've got engines, navigation systems, GPS, and all kinds of cool tools.

Learn the tools, and steer your ship.

Get Started:


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