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Form and function always have an interesting relationship.

Food, for example, can have one or the other extreme.

Some restaurants are famous for looking and feeling like dives, but have absolutely delicious.

Most people have a couple of secret "hole in the wall" restaurants that somehow have fantastically tasting food.

On other end of the spectrum are dishes that are meant to "look good."

The Japanese have a saying that "Japanese food is meant to be enjoyed twice."

Meaning you enjoy it when you look at it, and you enjoy it when you eat it.

Ever since people started taking pictures of their food, many restaurants have leveraged this.

Savvy restaurateurs knew that if they made their food look REALLY GOOD, more people would take pictures, put it on Instagram, and they'd get free advertising.

Form and function works for humans as well.

Form is what we look like.

Our outer appearance.

Function is how we feel on the inside.

Our inner state.

One can drive the other.

For example, if you are happy INSIDE, this will drive your outer appearance, and you'll smile.

But you CAN flip the script on yourself.

If you FORCE yourself to smile, and keep it up long enough, you'll start to FEEL happy.

Or at least a little silly.

This is what they mean when they say fake it till you make it.

This is easier than it sounds, most of the time.

If you are by yourself, it's pretty easy to FAKE smiling until you feel goofy.

But if you're getting yelled at by your boss, this would be much more difficult.

For us humans, most of the form-function relationship goes in one way.

From the inside to the outside.

But it can create both virtuous and vicious cycles.

If you are happy INSIDE, it will create externally happy behavior.

This will cause OTHER PEOPLE to be happy around you.

Which will REINFORCE that inner state.

When you're a group of close friends, and EVERYBODY is kind of vibing with each other this way, not much feels better.

When it's the opposite, not a lot feels worse.

There are ways you can PRACTICE holding that powerful inner state.

It involves practicing HOW you reference memories.

Most of us don't think there's much of a choice of which memories we reference.

Things remind us of other things, and that's that.

Luckily, this is a skill we can practice.

Very much like external skills.

And like external skills, the MORE you practice, the better you'll get.

Which means you can CREATE those wonderful virtuous cycles at will.

Learn How:


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