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Lately I've been passively watching this video series about meteorology.

I always wondered why they called the study of weather, "meteorology."

Cause it sounds like it's the study of meteors.

But it turns out the name for root word for both meteors and meteorology is based on an ancient Greek work.

Which means, "things of the sky."

So meteors are, literally, "things of the sky."

And meteorology is also appropriately called, "study of things of the sky."

Sometimes it's easy like this, to find ONE root cause for two different things.

Our brains are pretty weak at INTUITIVELY understanding connections between two things.

We have a tendency to assume since A comes BEFORE B, then A caused B.

And since most of us learn the word for "meteor" long before we learn what "meteorology" stands, we wonder why they gave weather people such goofy names.

Sometimes it's even MORE confusing.

For example, if you actually study the weather.

Weather patterns are INSANELY complicated.

There are only a few variables, but they interact with one another in chaotic ways.

Literally chaotic.

From chaos theory, the mathematical theory that says whenever you have polynomial equation with more than two variables, it is MATHEMATICALLY impossible to predict it more than just a few steps out.

Which is EXACTLY why they can only GUESS when it "MIGHT" rain.

And tornado warnings only come a couple hours before they hit.

Complex systems can only be described, but not accurately predicted.

This is why it is very futile to imagine there is some kind of step-by-step recipe for personal success.

Either social or financial.

Since BOTH involve plenty of other people.

And if weather, an INORGANIC system with only a few variables is unpredictable, imagine how UNPREDICTALBE any HUMAN group is!

Humans are ORGANIC system with a KAJILLION variables.

But there is ONE variable that will have a PROFOUND effect on your success.

Since all success requires you get in the game and learn from experience.

The more experience you get, the more success you'll get.

You can't get experience unless you get in the game.

So keeping yourself on the sidelines, waiting for a guaranteed method that, theoretically, CANNOT exist, is only wasting time.

Luckily, there are plenty of exercises you can do OFF THE FIELD to significantly increase your chances of ENJOYING the game.

After all, if you are IN the game, and you are ENJOYING the game, that would making getting that necessary experience enjoyable as well.

What are those easy exercises?

Find Out Here:


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