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Re-Calibrate Your Comfort Zone


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Way back when I was in high school, my buddies and I love to watch Mad Max.

My buddies were all car freaks, more so than I was.

They loved the idea of having a big V8 with a secret nitrous oxide injection to give it an extra boost.

Their favorite part was when Max was chasing the bad guys, then he'd calmly flip on the switch to give his car a boost.

Then he'd suddenly accelerate, overtake the bad guys and cause them all to crash.

One of the Star Trek movies was a crossover.

Where they had the original cast in with the Next Generation cast.

One engineer from the original cast was talking to an engineer from the Next Generation cast.

He was asking him how fast the engines would go.

The guy told him, and then he asked again.

"Yeah, but how fast do they REALLY go?"

The Next Generation engineer didn't understand the question.

The original engineer shook his head, and said:

"Never tell the captain how fast the engines will REALLY go."

The idea of having a hidden resource of energy is very compelling.

A secret ace up your sleeve.

There's even a theory from physiology that we all have secret hidden reservoirs of energy in case of emergencies.

To lift up cars, or make it an extra mile when we're about to die.

But because we are usually VERY safe and not anywhere NEAR life threatening danger, we'll never really know.

This is ONE reason why people love extreme sports.

It gets them out on the edge of safety.

When they get mad adrenalin rushes.

The opposite is also common.

Unfortunately, very common.

Of thinking you don't have ANY skills or energy beyond what you are doing RIGHT NOW.

If you believe you really DO have some secret power source, or an ace up your sleeve, it will give you a TON of confidence.

So much you'll never have to need that secret stash.

But if you are secretly terrified you have NOTHING, that will have the opposite effect.

Knowing you have a secret stash will naturally EXPAND your comfort zone outward.

Being terrified you have nothing will make it shrink.

Luckily, the size of your comfort zone is completely up to you.

It's based on plenty of assumptions you make about yourself, and about the world.

Most of those assumptions are wrong.

Which means if you can RE-CALIBRATE your assumptions, your comfort will expand significantly.

Making everything you want OUT THERE much easier.

Learn How:


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