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Obliterate Fear of Failure


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One way to think about sales is pure numbers.

You can certainly increase your success by learning techniques.

You can definitely increase your success by studying your mistakes, and the stuff that worked.

It's kind of a "fantasy desire" to get 100% success, but this is impossible.

So ultimately, it WILL boil down to numbers.

If you talk to ten people, you'll make three sales, for example.

Once that gives you a decent daily income, then you start to increase other things.

Like how QUICKLY you can disqualify those 7 people who aren't interested.

Everything in life can be seen through this lens.

Of a numbers game.

Once you accept this, and once you accept your level, then it's a matter of becoming more efficient.

Of getting the SAME results with less effort.

Many people don't like to fail.

They try something, and it doesn't pan out.

But you can significantly DECREASE the "pain" of failure.

The MORE you put all your HOPES on the success of that one thing, the more it will hurt IF you fail.

The more you see that one "thing" as one thing among many, the LESS the outcome will matter.

This is a LONG GAME strategy.

To see EVERYTHING through two lenses.

A short term, in the moment lens.

And a long term, part of a long term strategy lens.

That way, no matter WHAT happens, you'll gain something.

Even if you fail, you will still INCREASE your skills.

We all have this basic strategy built into our brain.

Trial and error.

Or trial and feedback.

The idea that "there's no such thing as failure, only feedback," is a clever saying.

And it's a very OLD clever saying.

The trick is not only understand that intellectually.

The real task is to understand that emotionally and subconsciously.

For some things, that's easy.

Learning to play a new video game.

Learning to make something from a recipe.

These things have a built in acceptance of "trial and error."

The things with that build in acceptance we don't even call trial and error.

We call it PRACTICE.

The real trick is how to see MORE STUFF through this lens of practice.

Just the word, "practice," has built in the idea of long game strategy.

Turns out there are plenty of ways to slowly TRAIN in the ability to feel, not just know, this practice with many more things.

Particularly social skill and financial skills.

Because once you subconsciously can practice these just like you can practice video games, then ALL PARTS of life are fun and exciting.

Learn How:


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