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A common failure that everybody has plenty of experience with is "paralysis by analysis."

This is nearly always in situations involving social skills or financial skills.

Both of these involve putting ourselves "out there."

If you try something socially, and it doesn't work, it feels awful.

If you try something financially, and it doesn't work, it feels awful.

Our lighting fast brains are VERY adept at extrapolating.

We walk up to somebody, say hi, ask for their number, and they say no.

Our brains extrapolate that outcome to the WORST possible conclusion, meaning that we will die alone.

We'll end up being one of those creepy old people that kids are terrified of.

Or we may try a financial endeavor and fail.

So the extrapolated outcome to that is we'll end up broke.

Poor, homeless and eating out of dumpsters.

Because both of these fears exist BELOW our conscious awareness, we convince ourselves that BEFORE we get in the game, we want to make sure we have the RIGHT strategy.

We think about this, we think about that, etc.

We think if we can develop the perfect, bullet proof strategy BEFORE we take action, we WON'T fail and end up living alone in a dumpster.

Unfortunately, BOTH sides of this common thought process are WRONG.

First of all, your brain is VERY FAST, but it is VERY inaccurate.

We evolved a very powerful, "better safe than sorry" thinking process.

Which was helpful even if it was wrong most of the time.

But this was only helpful in an environment when there were animals that LITERALLY were trying to eat us.

We haven't been living in modern society long enough for our ancient brains to catch up.

The other side is equally false.

The idea of coming up with a bullet proof strategy.

This is because NOBODY can predict the outcome of events.

Particularly social and financial events.

Without going too far down the rabbit hole, CHAOS theory says that we can't predict ANYTHING more than a few steps out.

Otherwise weathermen wouldn't be wrong half the time.

What's the answer?

Luckily, there is a SUPER GENIUS learning strategy built into your brain.

A NEW INSTINCT generator.

This is what happens whenever you learn something to the level of UNCONSCIOUS COMPETENCE.

It becomes NEW INSTINCT.

Most people do this with music and sports and whatever they do for their job.

But you can also do it for social and financial situations.

It requires that you RE-CALIBRATE your ancient instincts for the modern world.

So that learning to talk to attractive people can be JUST AS mechanical and practicing free throws or playing the scales on the piano.

Which means the MORE you practice, the BETTER you'll get.

Learn How:


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