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A lot of things exists on continuums.

One side is one extreme, another side is another extreme.

For example, a very common idea is to be motivated by pain or pleasure.

Either being motivated by moving away from pain.

Or being motivated toward pleasure.

Most are a mix of the two.

Too far on either side can cause problems.

If you are ONLY motivated away from pain, once you get far enough away so the pain diminishes, you'll lose your motivation.

You'll always start things, but never finish.

On the other hand, if you are ONLY motivated toward pleasure, the pain won't bother you.

You'll always be focused on big projects while late bills pile up.

Another continuum is being a cause or an effect.

Most people would LOVE the idea of having an easy life, where people tell them EXACTLY what to do, and they do it.

And it's get them paid enough to pay the bills and live a decent life.

On the other hand, there are people who HATE to be told what to do.

These types are always doing their own thing, for better or for worse.

Most people with their factory settings, and hope for the best.

They are halfway between pain and pleasure, halfway between cause and effect, and that's good enough.

But the thing about us humans is we have two kinds of instincts.

Our factory setting, and new ones.

New instincts are anything we can learn to the level of unconscious competence.

Most folks only learn easy things to this level.

Things that people teach them.

Very few are self-motivated enough to ACTIVELY go out and learn skills.

But if you happen to be one of those rare types, you can learn any skill you want.

You can move your factory settings to anywhere you want.

You can be AT CAUSE when you want to be.

You can relax and be an effect when you want to be.

This is the real benefit of realizing your ability to learn new instincts.

That ANY factory settings you have are ONLY a recommendation.

You can be like most people, and accept these and hope for the best.

Or you can consciously CHOOSE which new instincts you want, and build them in.

Kind of like the difference between choosing an off the shelf computer.

Or building one from scratch.

To whatever specifications you want.

Learn How:


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