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I have been Image Streaming fairly regularly, though not every day, since January of this year.  I started with 4 minute sessions and just recently increased the session duration to 5 minutes with 461 total minutes performed this year.  I do feel as though I am getting the hang of it but my images often do not come as rapidly as feel like is described by George's or Dr. Wenger's publications on the subject.  Is this expected to change with more practice?  Is there other ways one's image stream tends to evolve with practice, or is this a highly individual experience?

Thanks for your input!

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It's related to how much mental effort you "push" into it. The faster you describe, the faster they'll come.

If the speed of images are not coming quick enough, increase the descriptions of the images you do see.

Think of it metaphorically like jogging. If you jog slowly and easily, you won't get much benefit.

To get benefit, you have to push yourself enough to increase cardiovascular effort, not so much you bust a tendon.

Play around and see what works best. speaking faster, speaking more specifically, etc.

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Thank you for the advice!  During today's session I tried speaking faster at first, which did seem to draw out more detail in the images, which then required faster speaking.... etc.  This loop continued until I hit a proverbial wall when I had to slow down a bit before ramping up the speaking rate again.  

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