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It's a very common idea in pop psychology that communication is mostly non-verbal.

This is mostly evident in situations where people are kind of "feeling each other out."

If you were writing a technical report, short story or script, then the words are obviously WAY more important.

But in any one-on-one communication, when you don't know each other well, the words aren't really that important.

In job interviews, for example, plenty of companies toss out really off the wall questions NOT because they are interested in the verbal part of your answer, but to see HOW you answer.

If you look at them sideways and say, "How the F should I know?!" that will tell them one thing.

If your eyes bug out, you panic and remain silent, that will tell them something else.

If you remain calm, think out loud and come to a decent answer, that will tell them another thing completely.

In any kind of job that isn't based on rote memorization, they very much WANT people who can think of their feet, ESPECIALLY when unexpected things happen.

Turns out this is the SAME energy that people look for in natural leaders.

It's one thing to have plenty of experience in a lot of specific situations.

So when those specific situations come up, you know what to do.

But you're on a completely different level when you can come up against completely NEW situations and know how to handle them.

Most people, when they come up against the unknown, tend to look around and hope somebody will tell them what to do.

Paradoxically, the ability to easily handle the unknown doesn't have much to do with intelligence.

It has to do with a rock solid belief in your ability to handle stuff that comes up.

Not just the easy stuff.

All stuff.

The common response that people have, when they get stuck and look around for somebody to tell them what to do is because their brains FREEZE.

And once anybody's brain is frozen, in-the-moment creativity is impossible.

The trick is to ALWAYS remain relaxed enough so your natural creativity will be as powerful as possible when you need it.

Nobody EVER knows what to do in unknown situations.

Otherwise they wouldn't be unknown.

But so long as you think of a few different POTENTIAL solutions, try each one out just a little bit, you WILL find a solution.

And since most people suffer from frozen brain syndrome, YOU will be the person they look to for leadership.

Getting to this level is much easier than most people realize.

Learn How:


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