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One of the most common pieces of advice in writing is "show, don't tell."

Plenty of poorly written books and movies don't follow this advice.

Many of these movies, for example, start out with two characters having a conversation.

And that conversation tells (rather than shows) the set up.

It's considered lazy from a writing standpoint.

The reason it's not considered very effective is the viewer doesn't get to use any of their imagination.

We humans not only like to discover things on our own, but we like to have our own interpretations.

But if two characters are talking and blatantly explaining somebody's backstory, it kind of takes away the mystery.

The more room there is for interpretation, in any work of fiction, the more we can enjoy it.

This is why they have things like book clubs and message boards for movies.

People LOVE to discuss their favorite books and movies.

People kind of do the same thing.

It's a pretty widely accepted idea that if anybody SAYS they are a certain way, it generally means they AREN'T that way.

An example of NOT doing this is Teddy Roosevelt's idea to, "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

If you walked around trying to convince everybody what a badass you were, few people would believe you.

But if you used the speak-softly-big-stick idea, you'd only have to pull out your big stick ONCE and people would get the message.

Most people would get the message BEFORE you did that.

They would be able to tell by your demeanor.

That while you appear calm and relaxed, something in your eyes and relaxed confidence would project a very DEEP sense of real power.

This is Clint Eastwood's "man with no name" character.

He's calm and relaxed, until somebody crosses his boundaries.

Then he kills everybody, and goes back to being calm and relaxed.

Of course, since that happens in the movies, we NEED to see him kill everybody.

But in real life, when you project that kind of TRUE inner power, everybody will know.

This is why in martial arts it's frequently said you practice martial arts so you don't have to fight.

Since once you know how, and internalize that knowledge, it changes your subconscious energy.

A slight shift that EVERYBODY picks up on subconsciously.

It radiates a kind of deep power that is EXTREMELY attractive.

A lot of people practice affirmations.

Even looking at themselves in the mirror and saying positive things about themselves.

HOPING they'll eventually believe it.

But when you DO believe all those positive things about you, you don't need to SAY them.

Because your body language will be PROJECTING that deep sense of power.

Making you seem much different than everybody else.

In a very POWERFUL way.

Learn How:



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