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A long time ago I worked in a lab.

One day, an engineer and I were doing an experiment.

It involved slowly adding this organic chemical to a solution, and waiting for something to happen.

Once that something happened, it would happen VERY quickly.

And the threshold for the amount of the organic chemical we were adding was TINY.

Meaning one drop too many, and we'd miss the reaction.

I was putting in a fraction of a drop, we'd wait a couple minutes, and then repeat.

We couldn't let our minds wander, as once the reaction started, we had to take a ton of data.

While we were waiting, I glanced at the bottle of this organic chemical.

I read on the back where they got it from.

Salmon semen.

It was a chemical that was found only in salmon semen.

Which meant that once upon a time, somebody figured out how to extract that chemical from salmon semen.

HOW that happened is anybody's guess.

I guess that's what scientists do.

They figure out some pretty outside the box ways of using things.

Once I went to a do it yourself center.

I wanted to make a hanger rod for a my closet.

It was kind of a weird closet that didn't have a hanger rod.

I imagined getting the individual parts, and building it myself.

I asked the lady working there, and she seemed to only be able to imagine a box that said:

"Tools to make your own hanger for a closet."

She seemed to only want to look for a box that had the word "Closet hanger" on it.

A lot of people are like that.

Things have uses, and that's the ONLY thing they are supposed to be used for.

Or the flip side.

If you want something, you need to find something made SPECIFICALLY for that purpose.

Luckily, there are plenty of goofy scientific types that decide to research salmon semen for other potential uses.

Not only does this outside the box thinking work for THINGS, it also works for skills.

For example, most people who study martial arts don't do that so they can beat up people.

They do it because it builds overall confidence.

And overall confidence is something that is EXTREMELY flexible.

When it comes to general confidence, there are two basic kinds.

Physical confidence, and social confidence.

Physical confidence builds a "meta belief" that you can handle yourself in any physical situation.

Zombie apocalypse, bar fight, juggling contest, etc.

Social confidence builds a "meta belief" that you can handle yourself in any social situation.

Job interview, sales meeting, seduction opportunity, etc.

How can you build social confidence?

With This:


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