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The Storytelling Instinct


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A very common movie scene is the halftime locker room speech.

Where the hero's team is behind at halftime.

The coach gives them a rousing speech that fires them up.

They come out, destroy the other team, and everybody lives happily ever after.

It's also common for guys who are going out to pick up girls to a have some kind of "pre-game" warm up.

Some times this involves hitting a bar before to knock back a few and practice some conversations.

So when they get to the place where the girls are, they built up their courage.

It's also very common for movie heroes to give themselves mirror pep talks before critical events.

All these situations presuppose that the extra boost of energy is helpful.

Kind of like in the original Mad Max, when he fired up the nitrous oxide to give his "Interceptor" and extra boost of power to overtake the bad guys.

But what would happen if you didn't need that extra boost?

What would happen if you ALWAYS had the energy you needed?

We like underdog movies, and stories about underdog hero's because WE feel like WE are underdogs.

We wish somebody would give US a pep talk.

We wish WE could pull off a stunning, come from behind victory.

In a sense, that is the main PURPOSE of those movies.

To BE that "pep talk" for us.

To give us a little bit of extra inspiration to hang onto when WE go into whatever situations WE feel we would like that extra bit of juice.

These types of stories have been told since the dawn of time.

Even way back in the caveman days, sometimes those dudes needed some extra motivation.

It wasn't always easy for them.

It isn't always easy for us.

We can imagine two levels of energy.

Our constant, base level energy.

And the temporary higher level that we CAN achieve when we REALLY need to.

When it's down to you and somebody else for the job.

When it's time to ask the girl for her number.

When it's time to lay down the law to an office bully.

All humans have a two sided story instinct.

To listen and remember those motivational parts.

The parts we need to get us over the humps.

AND to be the story teller to inspire others.

Most of the time, we need to be inspired.

But sometimes we NEED to step up and inspire others.

You can build skills for both.

The more you practice, the stronger you'll be.

On both sides of that ancient and necessary instinct.

Learn How:


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