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There's a pretty common scene in movies.

One guy has got to do something painful to another guy.

Like set a broken arm, or put a dislocated shoulder back.

The common way is for the guy or gal doing the painful thing to count.

"OK, on three..."

And then they invariably do the thing halfway between 2 and 3.

The idea being to get the guy off guard, so it happens more quickly and less painfully.

But this is so common in the movies, the some shows are starting to have the guy getting the bone fixed to KNOW that they're going to do it halfway between 2 and 3.

Now, from a pure writing standpoint, they do this so the viewer won't think, "Oh I've seen this before."

To have the other guy (the guy getting his bone fixed) know the same thing the viewer is expecting, that the dude's gonna pop his bone back on 2 1/2 instead of on 3.

It's kind of cool from a meta, viewers standpoint.

But it also presupposes that the guy getting his arm fixed has ALSO watched a bunch of those same shows.

Otherwise, how would he know it was coming a 2 and 1/2?

All centered around the idea that getting a bone fixed SUCKS.

Or getting your shoulder popped back in.

I can attest that getting a bone set really DOES suck.

Even when they inject you with a bunch of stuff that's supposed to make it NOT suck.

It STILL sucks.

Which is why even in real life they do it quickly.

This is how most of us think about personal development.

We imagine whatever it takes to get to where we are is going to SUCK.

So we want to get it over as quickly as possible.

This is why we LOVE the idea of hypnosis.

The idea that somebody can put you to SLEEP and do the work FOR YOU is massively compelling.

But as an effective strategy, it's right up there with losing weight while you sleep.

Sure, if you have to give ONE speech, it's not a bad idea to just suck it up and get it over with.

But the idea of learning skills is completely different.

Unfortunately, the ENTIRE self help industry is built around FALSE ideas of "quick fixes."

That you need to pay a bunch of money and go to a seminar where you have a BREAKTHROUGH experience.

But the truth is actually much, much simpler.

AND easier.

AND, believe it or not, cheaper.

Changing your body through exercise diet takes time.

And if you ever STOP, it's easy to backslide.

But when anything related to social skills, once you get past a certain point it is self sustaining.

This is why going as slow as possible is much better.

No seminars, no gurus, no goofy metaphysics.

Only a pen some paper, your brain and a few minutes per day.

Learn How:


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