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Human instincts are extremely powerful for a reason.

So powerful that they are impossible to ignore.

This was so we didn't have to "think" about what to do every day.

The trouble is this is hard to "see" in a real way today.

Most people will never have a situation where they are hungry for more than a day, and NOT know where they are going to find food.

This is why they say that EVERY SOCIETY is always three meals away from a revolution.

If EVERYBODY realizes that there is no more food, it won't be long before everybody goes CRAZY.

When otherwise normal people are in situations where they think they might actually DIE, they do crazy things to stay alive.

Eating bugs, for example is very common.

Most normal people, in normal situations would ONLY eat bugs if there was a lot of money on the line.

Like on a TV reality game show, for example.

But how much would you need to be paid to cut off your own arm?

Or eat a dead guy?

No amount of money would make anybody do these things.

Yet these are things people HAVE done when the believe they will DIE if they don't.

This is how strong our instincts are.

They are there to keep us safe, and drive us to do INCREDIBLE things when we believe we are in danger.

That's ONE of the problems of modern society.

We are never in any kind of REAL danger.

Which is good, really good.

But it's also safe, really safe.

This is one reason why soldiers coming back from combat have issues.

The way humans are designed is to operate MOST OF THE TIME in life or death situations.

After experiencing that, soldiers can have a hard time getting back to normal life.

In fact, the ONLY REASON we invented modern society was to stay safe.

To stay as far away from those dangerous situations as possible.

For most people, are BIGGEST fears are NOT REAL.

For our ancestors, our biggest fears were LITERALLY deadly.

Today, most of our fears are social based.

Things that will ONLY cause emotional pain.

Thing is this emotional pain is RELATED to real, physical pain.

Being socially ostracized, way back in the day, was a step closer to death.

Getting mauled by a saber-toothed tiger WAS death.

So in a way, social fears ARE as REAL as things that CAN kill you.

Luckily, there's way to kind of con your way around the fear.

To slowly build up an emotional resistance.

So social fears are no longer real.

And so that they no longer bother you.

This means you CAN become socially fearless.

Learn How:


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