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Our instincts are like the Borg from Star Trek.

Resistance is futile.

This is why the willpower diet ALWAYS fails.

The only way to lose weight, and keep it off (which, according to studies is INSANELY difficult) is to MANAGE your hunger.

To plan your meals carefully.

To not eat fast food more than a couple times a week.

It's common to fall for the "Hollywood diet" trap.

The idea it that movie stars, since they are always ultra ripped, have discovered some secret diet plan.

And they sort of HAVE discovered a secret diet plan.

It's not the diet, it's the STRATEGY.

The only strategy that will EVER defeat our relentless hunger instinct.

The secret weapon that can shut down our desire to eat.

What, Dear Reader, is that secret weapon?

Another instinct.

Our instincts are based on ancient programming.

Our conscious brains are very recent.

Our reptilian brain and mammalian brain are very thick.

Our neo-cortex (new brain) is very thin.

So the ONLY way to have a fighting chance against ANY of these deeper instincts is to get ANOHTER deeper instinct on your side.

For those Hollywood actors, that other instinct is MASSIVE amounts of social status and genuine authority.

For most of us normal humans on a quest to lose weight, we'll have the EXACT same lives after we lose weight.

Same jobs.

Same friends.

Same relationships.

All those dudes and ladies in the gym getting ripped?

It's to GET more sex and social status and even money.

Every time they look at themselves in the mirror, they are IMAGINING tons of social recognition.

Instinct vs. Instinct.

Any time we try and pit our conscious choice against our deep instincts, it's like what that Russian Boxer said in one of the Rocky movies:

"You will lose."

The ONLY hope we have of overcoming ANY instinct is to figure out a way to get AS MANY of our other instincts on our side.

Which means to take some time to IMAGINE the benefits.

And put those benefits in terms of instincts.

Napoleon was famous for saying, "Men will die for Ribbons."

This means he knew, from experience, the BEST WAY to motivate his troops.

To give them rewards (ribbons) in front of everybody.

Positive social validation given in front of our peers is a VERY STRONG motivator.

I used to read a lot of Tom Clancy.

The main character was Jack Ryan.

One scene had Jack Ryan being the newly elected president.

And he had give his first campaign speech.

He, he character, described giving a speech in front of adoring fans like a DRUG he could never have imagined.

This is what Napoleon was referring to.

This is the BEST feeling in the human experience.

To stand up in front of a crowd, give them a MOVING message, and watch them go crazy with appreciation.

If you can do this, then EVERYTHING else you want in life will be AUTOMATIC.

Learn How:


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