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Human hierarchies are everywhere.

But they are mostly subconscious.

The thing about humans is that we are driven by deep instincts.

But we are capable of being driven by external triggers that indicate those deeper instincts.

For example, by sheer mathematics, men have evolved a natural attraction to women who are, all else equal, younger rather than older.

This is simply because the guys of the past who were RANDOMLY programmed to be attracted to younger women had MORE babies.

Because a women who starts having babies younger rather than older will have more babies, since she's got more baby years ahead of her.

So more kids will be born that have the gene to make the dudes naturally attracted to younger women.

Similarly, all else equal, women are genetically programmed to be naturally attracted to older, more powerful men.

For the same reasons.

Ancient women that had the RANDOMLY programmed genes to be attracted to older, more powerful men had more kids.

Since that older, more powerful man could support more kids than a young guy.

So over time, more kids were made with the genes that made women naturally attracted to older, more powerful men.

All this happened WAY before organized society.

Long before money was invented.

There are other instincts that can override these deeper, and basic instincts.

One of those is social proof.

If the entire tribe believes something, that will tend to OVERRIDE the deeper, more ancient instincts.

In modern societies, we have all kinds of instincts fighting for our attention.

For example, let's say you've got a big reunion coming up.

The part of you that wants positive social proof, a very strong instinct, will WANT you to lose weight.

But the part of you that wants to eat, ANOTHER very strong instinct, will compete with that.

This is really the ONLY WAY to shut down the instincts we don't like.

By pitting them against other instincts.

Either for real, or by building up powerful emotional images.

As mentioned above, we are still very influenced by social hierarchies.

Where we are in the hierarchy.

Men AND women.

Modern experiments show this over and over.

Stick ten people in a room, give them a task, and they will QUICKLY and subconsciously self organize into a hierarchy.

How do they do this?

We can imagine we all are giving off, and reading, some collection of subconscious, non verbal behavior that indicated where WE are on the social hierarchy.

So much that every time they do this experiment, the same thing happens.

Everybody looks around, reads this energy and AUTOMATICALLY takes their place.

The take way is that the MORE of this subconscious, social hierarchy energy you are RADIATING, the higher up the food chain you'll be.

Learn How:


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