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If you were an athlete, you would need to practice two things.

Three, if we get technical.

The first would be the skills of the particular sport.

The second would be strength and flexibility

The third would be endurance.

We can put these into two basic categories.

The direct skills needed, and the supporting skills.

Of course, strength, endurance and flexibility aren't really skills.

Their more considered part of general health.

Even if you aren't an athlete, it would be beneficial to be stronger, more flexible, and have some endurance.

Most people recognize the natural impact this will have on your confidence.

On a subconscious level, doing things to improve your health sends a strong message to yourself.

That you are doing things that aren't particularly enjoyable as you do them, but you know the results will have a positive impact.

Any time we do anything that involves this kind of delayed gratification, it has a positive impact on our psyche.

We can say the same for mental skills and social skills.

There is the direct skills.

And then there are the indirect skills.

Indirect skills can be things like mental flexibility and strength of focus.

The more strongly you focus on any particular subject, particularly one that is not so interesting, the better mental state you'll create.

Being mentally lazy is kind of the same as being physically lazy.

Soft body, soft mind.

Being physically non-lazy is the same as being mentally non-lazy.

Strong body, strong mind.

One is easy to do.

So easy that everybody can do it.

One is not so easy.

The better you can do these not-so-easy "exercises" the stronger of a mind and body you'll have.

The more you'll be able to handle unexpected situations, from both a mental and a physical standpoint.

There is another mental strength that will enhance all other mental strengths.

This is confidence.

It's somewhat similar to physical endurance.

It allows you to withstand unfamiliar situations, and be at the top of your game, for a much longer period of time.

And just like in sports, you can train endurance in many ways.

For example, plenty of people build endurance on stairclimbers and stationary bikes.

It's not that they are getting ready for a bike race or mountain climbing contest.

But by training AS IF they are getting ready to do those actual things, they build up MASSIVE endurance.

Similarly, you can build your confidence AS IF you are getting ready for a particular task, even if you aren't.

You will still build the valuable confidence that can be applied everywhere else.

Learn How:


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