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Once upon a time there was a doctor.

This doctor lived a couple hundred years or so ago.

Back then, one in four women died during childbirth.

The main reason was they hadn't yet discovered germs.

So it was not uncommon for doctors to be elbows deep in some dead guy, studying his insides, then go directly into a surgery or a delivery.

Since he's hands were covered in germs, lots of patients died.

Of course, they had yet discovered how dangerous that was.

So this doctor thought it might be a good idea for these docs to wash their hands in between procedures.

At first they thought he was nuts.

What? Invisible things that can kill us?

Eventually he persuaded him.

And people died less and less because of it.

The doctor's name?

Dr. Lister.

This is why that stuff you're supposed to gargle with is called LISTERINE.


This is common in science.

Something isn't obvious, so we don't notice it or it's effects.

But then somebody discovers it, and it makes things a bit clearer.

Or safer or easier.

Sometimes, though, it is POSSIBLE to know things but we either choose not to, or we just don't think it's possible.

After all, there is TON of information.

There's no way anybody could know even close to a fraction of a percentage.

Sometimes the information is right there in front of us.

But we refuse to see it.

A lot of people have heard of the idea of social hierarchies, for example.

But some refuse to believe it.

"Show me proof," they say.

As if they expect people to walk around with easy to see proof.

But this proof IS easy to see.

And easy to measure, once you know.

And not just in a metaphorical sense.

In a very real, very observable, very behavior sense.

You can look over a room and tell EXACTLY who's at the top of any pecking order.

And you can measure a few variables from yourself, and know exactly where you stand.

This goes way beyond feeling and guessing.

If you wanted to, you could actually take measurements.

You'd look kind of goofy though.

But with practice, it's pretty easy.

Not only to measure, but to know EXACTLY what you need to do to increase your socials status.

The kind that EVERYBODY is projecting.

And EVERYBODY is reading.

Learn How:


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