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Most people are familiar with the hero's journey idea.

The mythological structure of many movies.

We tend to see this in blatant hero type movies.

Especially all the recent super hero movies that have been made.

But the same structure is in most movies.

And books and most works of fiction.

It's one of those things that you don't really notice.

But when you look for it, you see it everywhere.

Not only in movies, but in life.

The basic hero's journey structure is in three basic parts.

The orphan stage, when the hero is alone and bored and looking for adventure.

The wandering phase he's kind of stumbling along, meeting new friends and learning about his skills.

The warrior phase, when he knows who the bad guy is and everybody's getting ready for the bit battle.

In movies with actual heroes, this is easy to see.

But the same structure is in dramas, comedies and romance movies.

But also in life.

Every time we go through a different stages of life, we go through these three phases.

Starting school, starting a new job, starting a relationship.

We're bored, we're thrust into a new world, we stumble along, then we figure out what we need to do.

The question is WHY do we see this structure everywhere?

One explanation is that telling these stories and enjoying these stories is an instinct.

Imagine a bunch of cavemen sitting around the campfire.

This type of story would be very compelling.

It would teach the kids that getting out there and hunting is THEIR heroic journey.

That the best hunters are treated as hero's.

Because hunting is pretty scary.

Especially if all you've got is a spear and you need to kill a big enough animal to feed everybody.

The leader of the tribe would be the guy telling all these stories.

Since the dawn of time, humans have been telling each other stories.

Not just to pass the time.

But to inspire each other.

To motivate each other.

If you see any group of people hanging out, what's the easiest way to spot the alpha?

The one is talking.

The one who is capable of holding everybody's attention.

The one whose ideas are slowly getting into everybody's brains and motivating the action.

This is TRUE alpha-confidence.

Luckily, plenty of experiments have shown that ANYBODY can be an alpha.

Most people just wait for it to happen naturally.

But you can do exercises to BUILD alpha confidence.

And just like any exercise, the more you do, the stronger you'll get.

And the BIGGER groups you'll EASILY be able to lead.

Big groups that will naturally follow you.

Learn How:



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