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I've a had a pretty interesting experience a few times.

And that is to spend quite a lot of time traveling.

20-30 hours.

And when you're traveling, you're thinking about how tired you are.

How crappy the seats are.

How annoying all the people are.

And how happy you'll be when you can collapse onto your hotel bed.

But then you show up in the city.

A city you've never been to before.

And suddenly you've got tons of energy.

So you go out exploring.

Maybe only to get a bite to eat, something to drink.

Next thing you know, it's way later than you'd thought.

Certain situations tend to do that to us humans.

They wake up some hidden source of energy.

Sometimes it's easy to see where this is coming from.

Other times it's hard to pinpoint the source.

All the pieces just kind of fit together, and part of you decides it's game time.

Your body is flooded with energy and excitement.

It's a very "outward" energy.

A very "outgoing" energy.

When you are driven to get involved as much as you can with your environment.

Other times, it's the absolute opposite.

This is more common.

The familiar, "fight or flight" response.

This is when your mind-body system recognizes extreme danger.

The first kind of energy requires a HUGE feeling safety.

But not only safety.

But safety combined with new things, combined with a HUGE potential for new and exciting experiences.

The second one is the exact opposite.

The funny thing is if you randomly pick a whole bunch of people, they won't all have the same responses to the same experiences.

Some will have a fight or flight response in the SAME situation as the "Wow! Let's party!" response that others have.

What's the difference?

It CAN'T be based on the environment.

Otherwise everybody would respond in the same way to the same environment.

It's got to do with how we INTERPRET our environment.

Two people can be in the same situation at the same time.

One person wants to flee.

The other person is having the "lets party" response.

The good news is that you can slowly RE-CALIBRATE where and when you WANT to have the "lets party" response.

It's not quite as easy as flipping a switch.

It's kind of like opening up a machine, and carefully rewiring it.

It takes a little bit of time and patience.

Mostly patience, since the process is pretty boring.

But when you're finished rewiring your brain, you'll have MUCH MORE CONTROL of your seemingly AUTOMATIC responses to those situations.

Learn How:


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