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In one of the Rocky movies, they had him chasing a chicken.

Rocky thought it was stupid.

His trainer knew better.

Turned out to be a pretty good training technique.

Chickens are pretty quick, and are hard to catch.

The longer you chase them, the more flexibility and endurance you'll develop.

Of course, this was another of the "strange training" themes in plenty of the Rocky movies.

Hitting sides of beef, running up sides of mountains, etc.

These all play along with the "poor athlete who can't afford expensive equipment" idea.

Some people take big coffee cans, fill them with cement and make weights of out them.

That's the thing about us humans.

We can be pretty flexible when we need to.

We even build exercise machines that simulate simpler pieces of equipment.

You can run on a treadmill, or run outside on the street.

You can use a stairclimber, or go find some actual stairs to run up and down.

You can do exercises that SEEM to be geared toward a specific thing, but never intend to do that thing.

People that use stairclimbers, for example, aren't likely getting ready for a mountain climbing contest.

They do it for the effect on their bodies.

Similarly, plenty of these ideas exist for social skills and conditioning.

One of the BEST ways to rapidly increase social skills would be to take up public speaking.

Since public speaking is terrifying, once you get over THAT fear, all the other fears will be small by comparison.

But just like chasing chickens and running on treadmills, you don't actually have to EVER get up and give a speech to get "public speaking confidence."

Just like you could never leave your house yet develop the body of a long distance runner.

So long had a treadmill somewhere, and did the appropriate exercises, you'd get the results.

Turns out there are PLENTY of exercises you can do to develop public speaking confidence.

None of which involve speaking publicly.

Many of them are purely mental exercises.

Imagination exercises.

Journaling exercises.

Memory building exercises.

And just like the guy who never leaves his house yet has a runner's body, you can never get up in front of a crowd, and develop a public speaker's confidence.

The kind of confidence that turns heads when you walk into a room.

The kind of confidence people are drawn to.

Both in times of trouble and times of safety.

Alpha confidence.

Get Some:


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