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Status is important.

At the same time, we like to pretend it's not.

It's a happy idea that people will see us for who we REALLY are beyond things like money and status, etc.

We all have this deep belief that if people take the time to "get to know us," then they will TRULY appreciate and LIKE who we really are.

But in a way, that's kind of selfish.

Because every single human out there has a limited amount of time and attention.

And they have to decide exactly HOW to use that limited time and attention.

Suppose the AVERAGE human crosses paths with 100 people each day.

100 NEW people.

Further suppose that EACH one of those people have that SAME idea up in their brain.

That if people ONLY took the time to get to know them, then they would like and appreciate who they REALLY are.

How long would that take?

How long would it take for somebody to get to know YOU?

Multiply that by 100.

That's how long it would take for EACH HUMAN to get to know all the people they cross paths with on a regular basis.

They reason why this is selfish is we expect OTHER PEOPLE to do the work to "get to know us."

How many people, on a DAILY basis do you take time to really "get to know"?

Not just once or twice, but every single day?

Probably not many.

The reason is simple logistics.

Nobody has enough time OR confidence to go around starting conversations with strangers JUST to get to know them.

What would happen if somebody approached YOU out of nowhere, just to "get to know you?"

Sure, if they were sexy that would be one thing.

But imagine somebody who WASN'T particularly attractive OR interesting?

What if you were approached by 100 of these people each day?

Life would suck!

The idea of OTHER PEOPLE taking the time to "get to know us" is not only extremely selfish (expecting them to do all the work,) but it's also LOGISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

If you WANT people to "get to know you" you've got to do the work.

You've got to SELL YOURSELF.

Not go door and door or anything like that.

But when you see somebody that MIGHT be interesting, it's YOUR job to get the ball rolling.

This takes confidence.

This takes persistence.

But there IS a much better position to be in.

So that many people WILL naturally want to get to know you.

And that gets us back to status.

The more STATUS you have, the more people will WANT to get to know you.

Not fake status.

Real status.

Real status is very ancient and is sent and picked up subconsciously.

It's a certain kind of confidence.

One few people have.

Learn to develop THIS kind of confidence, and you'll have REAL status.

Ancient status.

Attractive status.

Learn How:



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