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If you ever find yourself up against a gang of bad guys, that strategy is pretty straightforward.

At least from movie fighting strategy.

Figure out which guy is the leader, and punch that guy first.

Then the rest of the bad guys will flee.

There was a movie a few years ago with Tom Cruise where he had to play this soldier fighting against aliens.

He got some "super special" alien blood on him, so he could relive the same day over and over.

Eventually, like most complex alien movies, in order to kill ALL the aliens, they had to kill the MAIN alien.

Which was essentially the alien brain.

This is a very common theme in movies.

Mainly because we humans are hierarchical.

So it makes perfect sense to kill the dude in charge and you'll be in good shape.

It also makes sense to WANT to BE the guy in charge.

If you are a good guy, and you are leading a good tribe or group of people, not much is better.

The guys up on top get most of the good stuff.

In chimps and in humans, social hierarchy is closely correlated with all the stuff we humans generally want.

Money, sex, fame, etc.

There is one idea binding these two ideas together.

Killing the bad guy in charge, and being the good guy in charge.

And that is public speaking.

If you CAN manage to speak effectively in front of any crowd, for any amount of time, this will be a solid way to demonstrate REAL authority.

Especially if your message is compelling.

Everybody will be in the crowd watching you.

Everybody will notice that everybody is watching you.

This will give you both social proof AND authority.

The two most powerful subconscious triggers.

But to get there, you've got to get over your public speaking fear.

A fear nearly EVERYBODY has.

A fear nearly EVERYBODY thinks is WORSE than death.

This is good news.


Because of all the fears up in your brain, fear of public speaking is the greatest.

So if you knock out the leading fear, all the rest of your fears will scatter.

Just like punching the leader of a gang in the face.

So, what, punch yourself in the face?

Like in Fight Club?

No, nothing that drastic!

Turns out there are a ton of simple and easy exercises you can do that will SLOWLY dismantle your public speaking fear.

That's a problem with punching the bad guy in the face.

He might come back!

But if you DISMANTLE your fear, it will never show up again.

Learn How:


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