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Managing instincts is difficult.

We were programmed a long, long time ago.

Before we learned how to think, and talk and imagine.

Instincts are like compulsions.

They make us do certain things.

And keep us from doing other things.

Since they were "calibrated" a long, long time ago, they're kind of out of balance.

That's why it's so hard to maintain a healthy weight.

Being always hungery, and getting a huge pleasure while eating was necessary a long time ago.

When food was hard and sometimes dangerous to get.

We HAD to have a HUGE desire to eat so we wouldn't die of starvation.

But today, it kind of sucks.

Our instincts, especially are hunger instinct, is like the Borg.

Resistance is futile.

That's why no matter how well you do on a diet or exercise program, if you take just a week off, it's HARD to get back.

Nature meant it to be this way.

The desire to eat is like the Terminator.

It never sleeps, it never gets tired.

Since food is the MOST IMPORTANT thing, we crave it the most.

It's the HARDEST instinct to manage.

Others are easier.

At least past a certain point.

For example, plenty of people have a lot of social anxiety.

Between where they are, and where they'd like to be is a big, invisible barrier.

One that the more they TRY and push through, the harder it gets.

But unlike food, once you get past a certain point, it's EASIER doing more.

Kind of like those mag-lev trains.

The ones that are based on oscillating magnetic fields.

They both push and pull at the same time.

But it takes a while to get going.

Once it's going at a certain speed and momentum, it's very easy and efficient to keep going.

Social anxiety is kind of like that, but only better.

Mag lev trains are CONSISTENTLY oscillating.

There is always a vibration between push and pull.

It has to be carefully managed and operated.

But our social instincts are not like that.

They only have ONE push and ONE pull.

Once you get past the first hurdle, it's much, much easier.

The trouble is that many people try to go too quickly.

To fake it till you make it.

To feel the fear and do it anyway.

To blast through the comfort zone.

This would be like being WAY out of shape and trying to run a sub four minute mile.


But if you go VERY SLOWLY, improving will not only be easy, but enjoyable.

Self sustaining.

Meaning you'll get to a point where all social anxiety is a thing of the past.

Learn How:


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