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Most sales is a numbers game.

Especially direct to consumer.

Business to business sales is a little different.

Since there's usually a lot more money, and they money being spent is not usually coming out of anybody's pocket.

Business to business sales is not as dependent on commissions.

But retail sales of large ticket items usually is.

And numbers is king.

If you are a salesperson, the more people you talk to, the more chances you have.

Even from the owner's standpoint, it's the same.

The more people you hire, the better your chances.

Consider two possibilities.

One is you spend a lot of time and money hiring people and training them.

This will get the owner a certain number of sales per month.

The second possibility is to just hire whoever walks in the door.

Turns out this is much more effective.

To hire people, give them the bare bones training and then turn 'em loose.

Because you'll usually get a few people that are naturals.

Pareto principle says that the top 20% will make 80% of the sales.

But how they are trained is kind of interesting.

The salespeople are trained to talk to a manager before the customer leaves.

The salesperson tells the customer that they want to go grab a business card and give to them before they leave.

The customer waits, and the salesperson runs inside.

The salesperson finds a manager, and tells them what objection they are stuck on.

They manager tells the salesperson what to say, and they salesperson runs back to the customer and says EXACTLY the same thing.

If the salesperson has enough patience, they'll learn a lot.

For many people in many social situations, this is IDEAL.

To have some secret person to run to whenever they get into trouble, and to be told EXACTLY what to say.

This is essentially the story of Cyrano de Bergerac.

Cyrano was a word magician.

But he had a huge nose.

His buddy, Christian was a good looking guy but had no game.

Cyrano would tell Christian EXACTLY what to say to Roxanne, the girl they both loved.

This type of thing has been done over and over.

We like this story because we all WISH we could have some secret helper telling us EXACTLY what to say in social situations.

In fact, this is what we tell ourselves.

I WOULD go and talk to that person, but I DON'T know what to say!

If I KNEW what to say, it would be easy!

But here's the funny thing.

What to say is EXTREMELY easy when you can read emotions.

When you can effectively read the emotions of others, conversations and social situations are much, much easier.

How do you do that?

Learn How:


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