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The song, Pinball Wizard, by The Who is an interesting song.

Most pop songs are about love, etc.

But the Pinball Wizard is about a guy who is deaf, dumb and blind.

But he plays pinball better than everybody else.

He "feels" his way around the game.

And because of his skills he becomes a kind of cult like guru.

The idea, as strange as it seems, is pretty common.

Of feeling your way around complex situations.

In many (slightly) fantasy type movies about martial arts, (or things like martial arts like being a Jedi) there's the same idea.

Of wearing a blindfold and being able to effectively block and punch.

This is essentially what Marvel's Daredevil does.

Blind dude who uses his senses to beat up bad guys.

The idea pops up in many places.

Because it is VERY compelling.

Often our senses can get in the way.

We have a strange relationship between our conscious minds and our subconscious behavior.

Many of our behaviors are simple, and automatic.

But some behaviors are complex, yet can be trained to the level of automatic.

This is when we learn something to the level of unconscious competence.

When we can be competent at some kind of skill, and not have to think about it.

This is when desire is followed by outcome.

Not by magic, but by automatic behavior that doesn't require conscious input.

This is when we drive home but forget driving home.

The more we train at ANY skill, the more things we'll be able to do at the level of unconscious competence.

One of the reasons we are drawn to those movie characters is because they have some magical ability.

Like being Jedi, or a Daredevil, or a Pinball Wizard.

They don't have to train.

They just have the skill.

Of course, Daredevil needed to train quite a bit.

From when he was a kid, to when he started beating up bad guys.

In that respect, Daredevil is the most ACCURATE of fictional hero's with high levels of unconscious competence.

This is what separates people who dream and wish, from people who do.


One of my favorite scenes is from the movie, "Man on Fire."

Crease, the washed up assassin who finds redemption in protecting a child, is walking along side her while she's swimming.

She's got big meet coming up.

He drops in some HUGE wisdom.


"Most people think they'll rise to the occasion. They won't. You only rise to your level of training."

The meaning is simple.

The more you train, the better you'll do.

If you want to have wizard-like social skills, able to operate within and master any crowd, all you need to do is train the right skills.

What skills?

Find Out:


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