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Re-Calibrate and Operate Correctly


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The more you practice, the better you perform.

This is one of those things that is so obvious it's not even worth saying.

But at the same time, it's something we ignore quite a lot.

When "we" look out into the world, part of us notices stuff.

Another part of us just kind of collects the data.

This is commonly referred to as our conscious and unconscious.

On a purely structural level, our brain-body systems are incredibly complex.

We have this massively complicated body.

Our body needs things to stay alive.

We also need to make more copies of ourselves.

So things we are programmed with tons of instincts to help us.

The things that keep us safe and alive and likely to replicate feel VERY GOOD.

The things that will likely get us killed or decrease our chances of replicating feel VERY BAD.

Describing this from an external, objective view is pretty simple.

But inside our own brains, it's chaotically complex.

It would be one thing if we were robots and had to simply choose between good things and bad things.

But it's much more complicated than that.

Because many of the "good things" we want, we aren't sure how to get.

We try, fail and feel horrible.

Even thought we THINK the thing we want will make us feel fantastic.

To make things even worse, sometimes we'll try really hard to get something, but realize it's not all that.

We spend all kinds of time, effort and opportunity cost, only to find it's not such a big deal.

This really ISN'T such a big deal, and sometimes kind of funny if it's something like changing your mind at a restaurant.

You read the menu and see something that LOOKS good.

But then the dude two tables over gets something you WISH you would have gotten.

For simple things, it's funny.

For more important things, it's like that line from a Talking Heads song:

"My God! What have I done?!"

Even MORE complicated is we need to look out into our reality, and choose from among all the tons of variables of what to do after, and what to not go after.

But we only see a small sliver of what's REALLY going on around us.

This gets even MORE complicated when part of us PURPOSELY keeps hidden from us valuable information.

Kind of like when you take out money from the ATM but you're afraid to look at your balance.

You get better at anything if you practice.

Even complex things that only exist in social and financial situations.

But this requires that we look at ALL the data.

Which is difficult for most people.

VERY difficult.

Until you understand how to RE-CALIBRATE your interpretation of all the data.

So it's much more like objective data.

And not life or death information.

That way, you can become a much better OPERATOR within reality.

Which is kind of like a line from old Eric B. & Rakim hip hop song:

"A smooth operator operating correctly."

Learn How:


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